14 gauge (supposed to be) transverse.

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the clamps messed up and the needle messed up too. never healed properly, obviously. the top part rejected because there wasn't much holding it there and it was like a surface piercing on the top part. fun while it lasted.


Well, it was a nice idea.
Too bad it didn't work ot for you.

hmmmm.... didnt rate it because not sure if Id be rating the piercing or the photo.
photo gets a 7, piercing gets a 3.
hope you socked them in the neck.

or at least through somthing at them... maby a small ashtray perhaps...

in defense of the piercer it is a hard piercing to do bit at the same time if they didnt know for sure that they could do it then it shouldnt have been attempted

im actually going to be doing one of these later on today!
the idea is awesome..
rejection happens sometimes.
nicely done
piercing rated a 4, picture rated a 7

wow, that's really shoddy work there. too bad it couldn't have been done properly.