Dana L.'s Eyebrow

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16 gauge 1/4" 316LVM F-138 Curved Barbell with Bezel Set CZ Gems Tommy T's Body Piercing Huntington Beach, CA Orange County


Oct 08, 2006

That is *way* too shallow. Hope it doesn't reject on you

Tommy T_2
Oct 08, 2006

The sizing is perfect. Our quality is the best and so is our service. 16 years of piercing in Huntington Beach, California. Orange County's first body piercing studio.

Oct 16, 2006

Shouldn't that have been done with a longer barbell? That doesn't look right.

Tommy T_2
Oct 22, 2006

This girl has a very thin eyebrow, so that is why we used a 1/4" Curved Barbell. If we would've put a longer barbell in her it would have looked too long in proportion for her eyebrow. When sizing a customer it is important to take into consideration the size of the area you are piercing, as well as what kind of style of jewelry the customer wants. This customer preferred something very petite. If she would've wanted something larger and flashier it could've been done. In the end it is all a matter of getting the right amount of skin to fit the piercing - we have had plenty of people pierced with this size and they've healed perfectly. If someone asked to be pierced with a piece that was an inappropriate size for them we wouldn't do it. I appreciate your question though, and am happy to answer any questions.

Nov 02, 2006

i think it looks rele good! hes right ^

Nov 15, 2006

I've been to tommy t's studio and they are top notch!! Plus what a clientel...wow

Apr 05, 2007

i find it hard to believe that this piercing healed with ease. I would have loved to see it a few days after the swelling began. With all the nice work in your gallery this photo doesnt seem up to the level i believe you are at. Using such small jewelry on a fresh piercing poses
much risk to your clients well being.

Jan 14, 2009

i agree if it swells to much that could cause the bar to go into the skin and have to removed or even cut out. i have seen a lot of this happen , im not saying you are not good piercers but that will be tight on the swelling