First piercing!

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I love my labret! (and don't mind the light off my nose... muwaha.)


Nov 05, 2006

Looks great. Have you ever thought of getting your nostril done? I bet it'd look great on you too.

Nov 05, 2006

Wow... freaking *everybody* tells me to get my nose done!!! Might have to actually do it at some point then. lol. I fear the piercing of the thicker tissue though. lol. Next on the list is my navel however.

Jul 20, 2009

its a trouble when you have so many piercings in your face when you go fight with some guys

Mar 28, 2010

Piercing looks nice, and beautiful eyes by the way :]

Sep 29, 2010

Its not the thicker tissue you have to worry about when getting a piercing done. Its the cartilage piercings. They hurt the worse.. and ur nose just happens to be one of them. But if you get it done somewhere where they know what they are doing, it only takes a few seconds and it's all over :)
It would look cute too