Guaging my ear and new nose ring

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This is an older picture of when I first started gouging my ear. I went from a 16 gauge to a 6 or 4 in about 15 minutes. And I ripped my nose ring out by accident so thats bleeding too.


Aug 21, 2006

holy **** did you put vasiline or sumthing on the taper **** i stretched mine from 2 10g in 1 day to zeroz there never bled they only pussed

Sep 18, 2006

Yea, that was a really dumb idea, I hope you learned better

Jan 30, 2007

Commando181 and the poster of this photo-

Your ears or anything else being stretched should NEVER NEVER NEVER bleed.
And skipping gauges like that is not a good thought.

Mar 02, 2007

if it bleeds even a tiny bit
or hurts at all
it took me over a year to get to 1"
and if you can avoid using tapers, then do it
theres a lot safer ways to stretch your ears.
and they dont leave you with cat anus lobes.
stretching your ears should only cause MINOR discomfort.

Illyria Jade
Mar 02, 2007

I would like to note that tapers are one of the best stretching methods that exist, and if they are used properly they don't cause "cat anus lobes"...also, other methods of stretching can do the same thing. But the rest of what you posted was spot on.

Oct 21, 2009

Ear stretching was started in cultures that used it as a sign of patience... If you are doing that is defeating the whole purpose... And when an ear isnt properly stretched it does not look cool....

Aug 17, 2010

what exactly were you thinking???
just so we're clear.

Oct 04, 2010

my nose is currently doing that too D:

Jul 04, 2012

To "hnfffmedpg", tapers are one of the worst things to stretch with when you're at anything larger than a 2g. When you use a taper, it's pushing the inside skin outwards, which could cause a "blowout". As noted by "NOTSERIOUS", cultures used it as a sign of patience, and by using tapers, it's defeating that purpose. If you wait the recommended time to let your ears heal, and play with them, they will stretch out a little more creating a gap. Then you use the taping method and repeat. I'm pretty sure if someone was a TRUE professional, they would tell you the same thing, but some are ignorant.

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Angel on the Edge
Sep 14, 2012

You should really read the Modders Mantra: Gauging is supposed to be a sloooooow process for a reason: so you don't hurt yourself! Your ear looks so angry and painful; I can't imagine how it actually felt! Be careful. You only get one pair of ears in this lifetime, and if you destroy them, I'm afraid we don't sell replacement ears here at Painful Pleasures! ;-)