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I also uploaded a photo with a camisole to show why you would want to tape your breasts like this but I don't see the photo on here & I deleted it after I uploaded it. I've gotten better at taping so it lifts and holds my breasts out even better. Maybe I'll take more pics next time I want to go braless but showy.

They call them "seamless" because the seams don't show. You bend them a little out of alignment to put them on & then bend them back so they appear seamless. Smoother than captive bead rings, though I like those too, but the "seamless" ones don't show through clothes as much & can turn without jamming or pinching. My piercings have stayed healthier wearing these, using a little bit of sweet almond oil after showering to keep the piercing & jewelry lubricated, comfortable & healthy. Works for me.

BW: Thanks for the reply. I self pierce, currently have a few but with SS barbells. Would like to use seamless for dydoes I plan to do. Where did you buy yours?
Thanks for sharing.

I would have bought them from painful pleasures if they offered them, but they don't have larger diameter rings so I got them from You can pick any gauge, diameter, color & material you want. They aren't cheap, (1" niobium 14gauge $24. per ring) but they are really good quality and they are by far my favorite ones to wear. I like them so much I think I will order a couple more pairs in more colors. Worth the price and a little bit of a wait to get them custom made. Best wishes!

I did my own nipple piercing two years ago after doing a lot of research & deciding I trusted myself to be more careful & sanitary than a stranger. It was a great experience self piercing & I love how they turned out. I would do more piercings but don't want to abstain from fun while waiting to heal. (& want my husband to have maximum access to all my fun parts:) Being happily married, fit, & in our 50's gets more fun every day! Our kids are old enough to know not to bug mom & dad when they go in the bedroom!