My first and a DIY

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This was about 24 hrs after. 10g bar. I love it. Reverse PA is next in the works


YO 19d: Keep up the self piercing.
Becareful when piercing the head of your pecker. Bleeds like crazy!!!
Keep the pics posting.

Forget being nervous 19. Just be aware of the possibility of a great deal of blood. I used a 8G needle and thought it would not stop bleeding. After a few moments, I removed the 8G and held tight for an hour. Blood finally stopped. I used a 12G next for a dyode and was pleased. After 9 monthe the 12G migrated out. Going to try a head piercing again soon. Thanks for sharring. Keep DYI and posting results.

Thanks for the encouragement, I am just nervous about placement. It's hard to find what's right. I just submitted another pic about changing my initial jewelry, it stared becoming painful and keep getting hit by my leg/boxers

19: Haven't seen the 2nd pic yet. Keep piercing, posing & posting. Try wearing thong undies. Helps, pecker doesn't move much.
Thanks for sharing.