My New Nostril Piercing

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Yesterday Jeremy Smith pierced my nose here at The Studio at Painful Pleasures. He's an amazing piercer, so precise and gentle. Despite the fact that I started twitching and flinching as soon as he got near my nose with the needle, Jeremy did a perfect job. I haven't had any swelling at all and no discomfort except for a brief moment when I accidentally bumped it last night. I love my new piercing! Thanks, Jeremy!! If you're in the Baltimore-Washington area, definitely stop by and check out The Studio at Painful Pleasures. It's a modern, 5,000 Sq. Ft. facility like no tattoo and piercing studio you've ever seen. There's there's some amazing talent here, plus some cool stuff, like a hot rod and custom pinball machine in the lobby, and 2 levels filled with custom display cabinets showcasing Painful Pleasures' products. Visit us at: The Studio at Painful Pleasures | 7410 Coca Cola Dr., Unit #108 | Hanover, MD 21076 | Phone: 410-712-0145 | Email:


Very very nice Laura from poolboy across the pond. You do understand that it can become addictive LOL

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Thanks so much, Jeff! I am well aware of how addictive piercings are. I had my tongue pierced 2x years ago--before I got my earlobes pierced, in fact--then I had my ears pierced and stopped there until I started working at Painful Pleasures. It's hard to be around this scene and not be constantly thinking about what I could get pierced next, so in short order I had 2 more earlobe piercings and a helix piercing added to my collection. My family begged me to stop there, but I think nose studs are so cute that I had to get one! That's it for now, although I can't swear I'll never get another piercing. ;-)

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Laura, her husband is engaged in tattoos. We at this site purchase equipment for the job. and I spread them. I like his work and tattoos, which he does. we are from Russia, from Siberia. Happy New Year to you.You just very kind and good. Elvira :-)

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You're too sweet! I'm so glad you and your (or your friend's?) husband like our site, and that he's able to get the supplies he needs from us. :) I haven't yet been to Siberia, but I imagine it's very cold there. Stay warm, and please keep the great pictures coming!