Nipples 14 g curved barbell female

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I just got my nipples pierced yesterday, 14G curved barbells. I love them and wanted to show off! also, any tips on maintaining the piercings are welcome:).( i might link this/ these picture(s) to a specific question in the forum).


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Thank you for sharing. The bars look like they may be too short. You should talk to your piercer about getting longer bars. Especially if the balls start to embed into the sides of your nipples.

Yeah, that's what i'm concerned about. What constitutes "embedding"? When my nipples are hard I can see space on the sides of the bars, but when they lay flat ( i have completely flat nipples) they don't have any space, but they don't feel like they're pinching me or anything. The piercings are 5 days old as of today. Thanks for answering :)

45-69: Embedding is like when the balls look like they are going into your nipple. Longer bars are good. Also some jewerly that hang a bit would look great.
Nice size boobs.
Thanks for sharing new lady.

Ah that helps, i actually just went to the shop and had my piercer look at them, he suggested i take advil and come back in a week if the one that's harder to clean is giving me trouble. He thinks they're just still swollen. And thanks! I think when i can change then i might do some kind of nipple clicker... or something less boring, at least!

Your pierced nips are not ever going to be boring!!!!
How about a VCH??
Check out painful pleasures nipple jewelry.
Thanks for sharing.

Please do post more pics looking forward to your updates