swollen second lip piercing

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i had to take it out 2 weeks after i got it done, but then couldn't get the original back in. messing with it caused it swell and hurt. a lot.


sucks you had to take it out, sea salt and ibuprofen help with swelling and healing

It certainly isn't normal for swelling to last two weeks, in fact, it generally goes down in less than [i]one[/i]. So, it's actually probably good that you couldn't get the jewelry back in. Sorry about that, though. :(

In any case, stacker55 is right. Those are two great items!

It's too bad you didn't try switching to labret or even cheek piercing studs. My lowbrets were slow to heal and stayed swollen for quite awhile. I actually wore studs designed for cheek piercings for about 6 weeks before switching to shorter ones.

It sucks that you didn't get to keep it. I'm really hoping I don't have problems like that with mine.