updated pic / new ring

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Well, the date on the pic should be 7/5/06. I have had the piercing for a few months now, however I did get a new ring! My husband likes studs better, but I think rings are more comfy and I happen to like the punk rock look. Not to say that I look hard core in the photo or any other time.. Anyway, it may look irritated because I was wearing a stud that I happened to be allergic to, but it's doing better now. ;}


I'm not a big fan of the ring but this looks really good on you! I just got my left nostril done 5 days ago and I think I may have to do this when I'm done healing! :)

Thanks BmR9043 for the positive feed back
and thank you rbyhema for the compliments.
I appreciate it.

hi, how r u?please add more photos of nose piercing.i m your big fan.:)